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$17 Billion Veterans Affairs Bill Still Leaves Patients Waiting

Congress has passed a bill to resuscitate the VA’s beleaguered healthcare system, but it only addresses part of the problem. McCombs professors explain why failing to upgrade the VA’s scheduling system means patients might still be waiting for appointments.

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‘Tartle’ is a Scottish term for the moment of panic that occurs when you are introducing someone and realize you’ve forgotten their name. 

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September 4

Social Strategies for Job Search

Rajiv Garg, Ass't. Professor Information, Risk & Operations Management

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September 23

2015 Economic Forecast in Dallas: MOMENTUM

Mike Ullman, JCPenney; David Seaton, Fluor; Thomas J. Falk, Kimberly-Clark; Bob Parrino, McCombs School of Business

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October 2

2015 Economic Forecast in Houston: MOMENTUM

Dr. Bobby Robbins, Texas Medical Center; Greg Armstrong, Plains All American Pipeline; Janiece Longoria, Port of Houston Authority; and Jay Hartzell, McCombs School of Business

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October 9

2015 Economic Forecast in San Antonio: MOMENTUM

Joe Robles, USAA; Ken Trevett, Texas Biomedical Research Institute; Rad Weaver, McCombs Partners; Jay Hartzell, McCombs School of Business.

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October 17

2015 Economic Forecast in Austin: MOMENTUM

Alex Davern, National Instruments; Mark Willis, Keller Williams; John Hofmann, LCRA; Laura Starks, McCombs School of Business

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