TMI: How to Deal with Information Overload


With about 170 billion gigabytes of digital information being produced each year, it's no wonder we can’t keep up with all the data clamoring for our attention.

Dr. Andrew Dillon traced how we got to this situation during his talk “From Data to Knowledge — Making Sense and Meaning in an Information World.” Dillon, the dean of the School of Information at The University of Texas at Austin, spoke at the February installment of the Texas Enterprise Speaker Series.

In this video of Dillon’s presentation, you will learn:

  • Why we’re at a “moment of profound change in the ecology of information”
  • How our brains are not keeping up with the speed of all that information
  • The difference between “Big Data” and “Big Knowledge” — “It’s not the data; it’s how you use it.”
  • How good — and bad — design affects our performance
  • Dillon’s tips for dealing with the deluge of info, including understanding the limits of our attention and memory

The next event in the Texas Enterprise Speaker Series happens April 16. Dr. Michael Webber of the Cockrell School of Engineering will discuss “Changing the Way Business Thinks About Energy.”


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Andrew Dillon

Dean and Professor The School of Information at The University of Texas at Austin

Andrew has been an active researcher of the human response to information technology for the last 20 years, graduating from the National...

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